Family “visits”
So now of course I have stopped all family visits in person. This is very sad but I am still able to contact families by telephone, skype, facetime or zoom.

The situation is changing rapidly, but as I write this on 28 March, Dundee Crematorium is still allowing funerals. Numbers are now restricted to 10 and they are enforcing the 2m spacing rules. Other crematoriums are observing similar rules. Dundee is still doing live streaming or “watch again” for people that can’t get to the ceremony.

But it’s quite possible that all services will be stopped. This is a drastic measure but the situation is serious and getting worse. If this happens families will only have the prospect of a memorial at some unspecified time in the future. I am therefore looking into the possibility of setting up online funeral ceremonies using zoom.

Zoom is very good for online meetings of various kinds. It lets people from all over the country join and it lets people see and hear each other. But is it suitable for “online funeral services”? To be honest I don’t know but I’m actively working on it with other celebrants and funeral directors. So at least we can mark funerals in some way.

I have posted more on online funerals here.

It’s too early to talk about dates and bookings but I am able to talk about format for memorials – just contact me for a chat.

Michael Hannah, 28 March 2020

A COVID-19 update

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