The initiative Good Life Good Death Good Grief organizes a week of activities each May to raise awareness of issues around end of life, death and funerals. It coincides with Dying Matters Week in England and Wales.

This year SICA (Scottish Independent Celebrants’ Association) ran two events – one of which was a set of two staged funerals at Brewsterwells Crematorium in Fife. I wrote a bit more about why we wanted to do this in another blog post.

Today I just wanted to thank everyone who was involved – it was a great success and we really enjoyed doing it and meeting everyone. Thanks especially due to Jake at Brewsterwells and everyone at  William Purves Funeral Directors in particular, Drew who gave up his Sunday! Sarah for BSL signing and coping with last minute changes to scripts. Kaylie at Oor Fleurs for creating some memorable and appropriate floral tributes – and Agnostic Scotland for their support.

I also wanted to say a personal thanks to everyone who came along to support us on the day, to those of you who spoke as “friends and family” and those of you who played the equally important role of “mourner” (especially Cooper who I asked – at very short notice! – to place a little flag on the coffin). It all felt so authentic even with the cameras running. It was also an opportunity for celebrants, doulas, soul midwives, and others connected with end of life and funerals to get together and network.

Now we’ll work with Jenn Knox of PhotoJenniK Photography and Lee Phillips of six4 productions to create a portfolio of images for SICA and its members to use. I’m looking forward to the results.

And a final thank you to the star – Millie the dog!

Michael Hannah, Dundee 13 May 2024

Demystifying Death Week – SICA staged funerals

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