You may wish to deliver a eulogy or a tribute at a funeral – but you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you feel that you want to conduct the whole ceremony but you lack confidence and experience.

I can help in two ways:

Work with you to write something yourself and help give you the confidence to deliver it

Speak with you and other family members and friends and then write something for you to deliver

In an ideal world, family members and or friends would deliver heartfelt tributes themselves. But funerals usually have to be arranged with limited time to prepare. And they are always very stressful and emotional events. This is why we turn to celebrants.

But the role of the celebrant is flexible and I can use my experience of eulogy writing and of conducting funerals to help you create and deliver something that can be a celebration of life and say all that you want to be said.

Although I live in Dundee in Scotland, working online means I can offer this eulogy or obituary writing service wherever you live.

Contact me for an informal chat to explore how I might be able to help.