“Calm, caring professionalism”

There are three main times when people are looking for a funeral celebrant:

When you have just been bereaved

One of the first things you will do is to contact a funeral director. They will ask you what sort of funeral service you want and if you want a celebrant to conduct it. Funeral directors know the local celebrants and are familiar with their style and approach – but you are also free to suggest someone to them if you want to use a particular person. There is a list here of what I will do if I am chosen to be your celebrant.

If you wish to organize a memorial service

Sometimes a funeral may not be appropriate or may not feel enough, so people plan a separate memorial. This has been especially true during the COVID lockdown. I can discuss any aspect of organizing a fitting memorial – suitable venues, format, music, catering.

Of course, the same restrictions applied to memorials during these restricted times but with the slight relaxation on numbers you might be starting to think of a memorial – or just a simple ceremony for the interment of ashes.

If you are planning ahead for yourself

Nowadays more and more people are planning ahead for their own funeral to take this burden away from their family and loved ones. Usually this means buying some kind of financial funeral plan so that everything is paid for in advance. But it’s also possible to plan other elements of the funeral and the ceremony. Some people even prepare an “emotional will” so that all their requests can be recorded and kept safe. Please contact me if you would like to discuss planning for the future.

… a word about online ceremonies

With all the current restrictions caused by the COVID lockdown, people are looking to new ways to mark a funeral. I am developing ways to hold a ceremony online using Zoom. This is not always ideal but it can bring people together and can be a surprisingly respectful and dignified experience. I have written a bit more about web ceremonies here.

… and for some more about me

See this video interview conducted by my colleague and friend, Angela Maughan.

But do I actually need a celebrant….

No – you don’t, there’s no legal requirement. I have written more about the role of a celebrant and if it’s even needed here.