Music can be very powerful and moving at funeral services. In the past, people would have stuck to favourite, or at least well-known, hymns but today most crematoriums are equipped with facilities to play a wide range of music. Kirkcaldy, Perth and Parkgrove all can play CDs and Dundee uses the online Obitus system (the music can be booked by me or the funeral director).

But this choice can present problems for a family struggling to deal with all the arrangements and not sure what might be appropriate.

I have a lot of experience in helping people to choose music that means something to them and that triggers special memories. Or simply music that can set a tone of dignity or something more upbeat. For crematoriums that use CDs, I am able to source the music as well.

Live music

Live music can be tricky to arrange in crematoriums mainly because time is short. But most will have an organ – and organists are usually only too delighted to play something other than hymns, or perhaps to accompany a singer.

I have also worked with pipers – bagpipes of course are very popular at Scottish funerals (See for example Glen Kelly.) Or buglers for people in the Forces.

But if you are holding a funeral ceremony or a memorial in another sort of venue you have far greater options for using live music. Video clips of music can also be used in online ceremonies.

I’m building a list of local musicians to work with – if you would like to talk to me about that, please contact me.