Being a funeral celebrant can be a lonely business. Of course you meet all sorts of amazing people in the families that you work with. And you build good relations with funeral directors and arrangers.

But it can be hard to build up good working relationships with other celebrants in the area. And that has been put into sharper focus by the lockdown.

I’ve started to build a loose local network – we “meet” on Zoom every week and share experience and ideas.

I’ve also joined a UK-wide support network that was created in response to the COVID-19 situation. I’ve found it a really helpful way to exchange support. It’s also really good to talk through ideas with people who are working in very different places and who have really varied professional backgrounds and approaches. There’s more information about this funeral celebrants support network here.

Michael Hannah, Dundee, 6th May 2020

Celebrant support networks

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