I’m very interested in natural funerals, green or eco funerals, home funerals, and I’ve been a member of the Natural Death Centre for several months. They are a source of information on all aspects of natural and “DIY” funerals from finding a woodland burial ground to sourcing environmentally friendly coffins. And it was through them that I first heard about Pushing up the Daisies.

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The aim of this group is to provide information and support to those who want to consider how the time immediately after death can encourage well-being. They are especially open to supporting anyone who instinctively wants to keep the body of their loved one at home (or bring them back home) after their death.

When my sister died about ten years ago, our first thought was to call a funeral director but when we realized that they would take her body away immediately, we decided to wait till the following day. Although she had died in her own home, the last few weeks had been so hectic and filled with medical “intervention” that it just felt right for her to have a last night of peace in her own bed.

As a celebrant I know that the work we do with families both at a funeral and in the preparation for it can be really valuable. I also think it’s important for celebrants to be open to new (and sometimes old!) ways of working with ritual and ceremony.

So I’m please to have joined the group and look forward to taking part in future events.

Michael Hannah, Dundee, December 2020

Pushing up the Daisies

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