On Sunday I went through to my writing group in Glasgow. I haven’t been for a long time so it was great to see everyone and we did a lot of catching up. Larry Butler, one of the group facilitators told us about this year’s retreat at Myres Castle. And Jo Davidson prepared some seasonal writing prompts for us – Chinese Lunar New Year, Burns Night and Celtic imbolc all happening about now, so lots of ideas about winter and the promise of spring and rebirth.

Writing a eulogy is now central to what I do as a funeral celebrant. So any work that helps the words to flow is valuable to me. And it’s great therapy to get some of life’s frustrations safely out on the page.

And while I’m thinking about writing I want to congratulate my good friend Sam Jenks for two short stories recently published in the magazines Litro and Fruit.

Michael Hannah, January 2020

The writing group

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