My colleague and fellow celebrant, Emma Curtis, has contributed to a short video on funeral care for trans people – especially in the current lockdown.

It’s aimed at transgender people but is actually a really useful watch for anyone who wants to ensure that a funeral really reflects the life and wishes of their loved one even in these restricted times.

Funeral Care and Grieving During COVID

Have you ever thought about making a will? In this video we've teamed up with Ash Hayhurst, Emma Curtis, Jayne and Lyra to talk about funeral care and the current logistics. This film is a pre-cursor to a more comprehensive film about funeral care for transgender people in the UK.Captions are embedded.

Gepostet von My Genderation am Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020

Michael Hannah, Dundee, May 2020

Funeral care for transgender people – a video

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