First in an occasional series of profiles of interesting alternative venues for funerals and memorials in the Dundee and Fife areas

Myres Castle Auchtermuchty
Myres Castle, Auchtermuchty

I first encountered Myres Castle in January 2019 when I attended a writers’ retreat there. It felt like an incredible privilege to spend time in such beautiful surrounding.

At that point, I was still planning the launch of my career as an independent funeral celebrant. So inevitably, that came up in conversation. And, since one of my interests is holding services in different sorts of places, I did wonder if Myres Castle might be interested in hosting memorial services.

In fact, the castle already is a highly successful wedding venue. And they also host writers’ and yoga classes and retreats.

So I drove over to Auchtermuchty last week to chat to owners, Amanda and Henry Barge. This was the third time I’d visited – the first was the retreat in the dead of winter. Then I came for coffee in spring when the carpets of daffodils are legendary. And now I was there on a golden October morning.

It’s very clear that weddings are the main business of the castle and the Barges have established an enviable reputation. But, of course, weddings are mainly held in spring or summer and almost always at weekends.

So Amanda and Henry would be very open to chatting about the possibility of hosting memorial services or funerals. And it really is a wonderful location. The castle itself with its history and sense of tradition, the beautiful gardens and grounds, and the more modern Applestore and Barnquee where currently the ceremonies take place – a perfect blend of solemnity and informality.

If you would like to know more, contact me or contact Myres Castle directly:

Myres Castle, Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland KY14 7EW
Phone: +44 (0) 1337 828350 Email:

Myres Castle

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